Are you sick of winter? So are we! Luckily, spring is approaching quickly. Spring brings warmer weather, spring cleaning and most importantly – gardening! Start getting your garden ready for the upcoming spring months with a few simple tips.

Get Organized

Make sure that you know what your goals are for your garden when you start planning. Do you want to grow tomatoes this year? What about peppers? Or even flowers? Make sure that you know exactly what you want to grow before you take any major steps in your gardening process. Maybe it’s time to try a new plant or vegetable! We recommend making a list of what you want and how much of it you’d like to have. It’s important to consider how much you can actually consume when it comes to growing vegetables – no one wants veggies to go to waste!small_3462919393

Purchase Seeds in Advance

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want to grow, get your seeds ordered early! This is a fun part of gardening – you get to buy everything and browse all of your different growing options. Ordering your seeds in advance can be beneficial for a few reasons. You get the first selection on the available plant seeds and don’t have to worry about your favorite seeds being out of stock. You can also start planting some of your seeds indoors to speed up the growing process!

Clean the Garden Up

Try to eliminate all of the things you don’t want in your garden that can end up being bigger burdens during the growing season. Pull weeds, trim any shrubs or bushes, and get rid of things such as twigs or rocks that can get in the way of your growing. If you have a warm day, make sure to try to dig up and spread your soil as much as possible to allow for proper soil preparation.

Prepare the Tools

Make sure that all of your gardening tools are ready for planting! Clean them thoroughly and try to get rid of any mud or dirt that has been caked on to them. We recommend scrubbing them with a scrubbing pad and adding some oil to any metal parts of your tools. Lastly, replace any tools that are falling apart or will be hassle to work with.

Get your garden ready for spring before it’s too late!

photo credit: hortulus via photopin cc




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