Fall Landscaping
There are many misconceptions about landscaping and plant care as we move away from the warmest months of the year. Although flowers may not be blooming any longer, your plants and lawn still need water to survive and to prepare for the winter months ahead. Although spring seems to be a long time away, fall is the perfect season to set the stage for a beautiful lawn and garden. In the midst of football season, allow yourself an afternoon of fall landscaping and follow these guidelines to prepare for the seasons ahead.

Fertilize– Fertilizing in the fall is the best time of the year to do it, it gives your lawn and plants the nutrients that they will need for next spring. Just make sure you do it before the first frost.

Plant– Take advantage of all of the end of summer plant sales! Most greenhouses and nurseries have end of summer sales, be sure to check with them which plants are suitable for the weather in your region.

Mulch– During this time of the year, mulching is one of the best things to do for your plants. Not only it keeps your landscape looking clean and finished, but it retains moisture and protects the roots from the cold.

A little work in the fall will make springtime planting even better for your backyard garden.




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