The weather is finally warming up and you’re spending more time outdoors, dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space to spend your Sunday afternoons or entertain friends and family on Saturday night but the problem is, it’s just not in the budget.  Not to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to dress up your favorite outdoor space on a shoestring budget, you just have to think a little outside the box.  Think of ways you can repurpose regular household items into gorgeous garden, patio or backyard décor.

Think outside the box – think inside your house.

It’s possible you’ve been tossing things in the trash that could do wonders for your outdoor spaces. Did you know used coffee grinds and broken eggshells make excellent fertilizer for your garden?  It’s true!  Get the beautiful blooms you want to spice up your space on a budget by saving and reusing your used coffee grounds and eggshells!

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Coffee grinds actually provide a great source of nitrogen to your plants, try working a small amount of coffee grinds into the soil around your plants and you’ll see your plants love coffee too!

You can do a couple of things with your eggshells.  (Make sure to wash the shells and allow them to dry before applying them to your garden)

  • Crush them up and use them in the base of a planter before you add the soil and plants instead of stones.
  • Crush them up and throw them in a food processor until they are essentially in powder form and then sprinkle them around your plants.

These two tips can help reduce the cost for maintaining a beautiful garden all summer long!

Have you ever considered using old shoes, kitchen gadgets or even furniture in your garden?

photo credit: <a href=Perhaps you should! Upcycling household items into planters is a very cost-effective way to add great character and charm to your garden, patio or any outdoor space. The following items can easily be converted into great garden planters with just a little creativity.

  • Work boots or bright high heeled shoes
  • Old chairs and chest of drawers
  • A toolbox
  • A wheel barrel
  • Used Tire
  • Metal buckets
  • Metal trashcans
  • Claw foot tub (okay you probably don’t have one of these lying around- but keep an eye out for one)

Repurposing everyday items into great additions to your outdoor oasis isn’t as hard as you think.

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  • Mason jars can be easily converted into lanterns with some wire, a tea light candle and a plant hanging hook.
  • Metal gutters can be used as growing space on the side of a wall when space is limited.
  • Wooden Pallets can be converted into seating with some paint, cushion, fabric and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • Old bedframes can be converted into outdoor benches with some vision and extra wood.

The moral of the story is if you get a little creative you too can create a very charming outdoor space that you as well as your friends and family can enjoy all summer long! So don’t let your budget limitations steal your sunshine this summer, get crafty!

If you don’t have these items around your house, remember one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Check out some local yard sales with your outdoor space in mind, you’ll be surprised with all the possibilities you find!




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