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Keeping your home organized can sometimes be a challenge. From all of the things that we need and use every day to our hobbies and more, everything needs a place.

Organizing your space on your own requires time and planning, and it can become more complicated when you live with a roommate. Read on for four of our best tips for organizing your home with roommates.

1. Set Boundaries

When you live with someone else, you have to share some common spaces. Aside from your bedroom — and your own bathroom if you’re really lucky — you have to share every other space in your home.

It’s important to talk to your roommate when you first move in together to set some boundaries. If you’re sharing furniture, cookware and other items in your apartment, that’s great! But, you may also have some things you don’t want to share.

Communication is essential in any relationship, including a roommate relationship. When you share a space, you have to talk through both of your expectations.

2. Divide the Space Equally

No one likes a roommate who hogs space and intrudes into others’ areas. If you’re sharing furniture like bookshelves, TV stands or desks that are in the common area, don’t take up more than your share of the space unless your roommate says it’s okay.

This rule goes beyond the living room, too. If you share a bathroom, designate drawers, counter space and shelves in the shower. In the kitchen, make sure you don’t take up too much space in the refrigerator or cabinets.

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3. Use Labels

When you share a space with another person, it’s easy to mix up whose stuff is whose sometimes. It can make it a lot easier to organize your refrigerator or other storage with your roommate with labels.

Labels can even designate things you don’t mind sharing. Make a few labels that say “Help yourself!” to tell your roommate they’re free to eat some of your food in the fridge or dip into some candy you have.

4. Create More Storage Space

Even when you live alone, you may find you need more storage space. Storage and organizing your space can be especially tricky when you’re sharing that space with someone else.

There are lots of easy ways to maximize your storage and organization in your home. Buy a set of hooks that go over the door for the bathroom, put some hanging baskets on the walls for extra storage and use storage baskets and other containers in all kinds of shared spaces, from the coat closet to the pantry.

Storage can create some awkwardness between you and your roommate if you aren’t careful. You have to be open and honest with your roommate if you want the relationship to work! When you each understand what you want out of the space, you’ll find the best way to make it work.

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