couple in park near apartmentIf you’re interested in living in a rental home instead of owning your own residence, you’re not alone. People across generations, including baby boomers, millennials and members of Generation Z, have a demonstrated interest in experiencing what it’s like to live in a rental community.

Why do rental communities have such a strong appeal for people in so many different age brackets? While some individuals may be attracted to renting for different reasons, many people find the idea of living in a rental community appealing because they get to enjoy amenities they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.

Sought-After Rental Amenities

It’s not uncommon for rental communities to offer amenities such as fitness rooms, swimming pools and playing surfaces like tennis courts and basketball courts. While you may enjoy these more traditional amenities, many prospective renters are seeking out even more features in addition to conventional amenities.

Some of the features prospective renters are looking for in rental homes as 2018 approaches include:

  • Reliable, High-Speed Internet Service: In today’s increasingly connected society, people want to have reliable, high-speed Internet service throughout their rental communities. They don’t want to worry about dropping a call when they step into an elevator or move to another location within their community.


  • Parking and Destinations Within Walking Distance: Many prospective tenants want rental communities to have safe parking that’s close to their rental homes. In addition, they also want the destinations they frequent often to be within an easy walking distance. Such destinations include grocery stores, eateries and their places of employment.


  • Green Features: Many people who are interested in living in a rental community want the community to have “green” or eco-friendly features. In newer communities, prospective renters may want the structures to have been constructed with reclaimed or repurposed building materials. They may also seek out a community that has a garden where they can grow their own produce during the warmer months. They may want their future rental home to be highly energy efficient as well.


  • 24-Hour, Secure Access: Many prospective tenants recognize that today’s technology can be used to keep them secure. They also understand that this same technology can be used to give them immediate access to amenities around the clock. For these reasons, people often seek out rental communities that can provide their residents with 24-hour, secure access to its amenities.

If you’re searching for a rental home that gives you access to desirable amenities in a pleasant neighborhood, contact Triple Crown Corporation to learn more about our rental communities now.




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