modern office designs

If you want to create an innovative and productive office space, modern office design has much to offer. Put away the stuffy, crowded and hierarchical office decor of days past. Modern offices are all about openness and are great places to work. You can bring modern office design to your own home office by:

  1. Keeping Lines Clean

Modern office design relies on clean and simple lines. Think straight edges and simple furnishings rather than fancy pieces and lots of patterns.

  1. Bringing the Color

Modern offices aren’t afraid of color. You can make your office seem brighter and bigger by painting large walls bright blue, red or any other color you like. Brighter colors can help you keep your mood high even when you’re working late hours.

  1. Opening Things Up

Modern offices at today’s biggest companies are open space offices. CEOs and management mingle with staff to keep ideas and feedback flowing. You can create the same type of space in your own office by keeping furniture minimal and by creating lots of space and light. Open the windows and work to create an airy, open space. Also, keep your doors open.

  1. Thinking Productivity and Health

Today’s executives understand that office design has a direct impact on the health and productivity of workers. Many offices today use sustainable office furnishings made from recycled items, bamboo, metal, glass and other sustainable materials. They’re also designed with ergonomic functions and with comfort in mind to ensure day after day of efficient work.

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