May 4th is Star Wars Day, and every year, millions of people all over the world don costumes, throw parties and pay homage in some way to their favorite characters and movies. Whether you’re a major fan or not, anyone can celebrate Star Wars Day. Even government officials, sports teams and astronauts get in on the fun!

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Canto Bight for a Night

Since the fourth falls on Friday this year, why not designate your living room the Canto Bight Lounge or Star Wars Cantina and invite your neighbors, friends and co-workers over to celebrate, even if they’ve never watched a Star Wars movie.

Encourage everyone to choose a character and come in costume! Greet your guests in Yoda-ease saying, “Welcome to the party, you are,” and ask them to join in, too. Everyone will be laughing while they get to know each other.

Play your Star Wars movies or rent them for guests to enjoy while mingling and keep them running all night.

May the Fourth Be With You Activities

Playing games helps people get to know each other quickly and gets your party off the ground. If your guest list brings different friend groups together, games will help everyone get past introductory banter. Once everyone has something to drink and snack on, try one of these ideas:

  • Star Wars Movie Trivia Challenge: Break into teams and take turns answering trivia questions. A wrong answer eliminates a team member. The team with the “last man standing” wins.
  • Star Wars Pictionary: Write the names of characters, creatures, planets and vehicles on slips of paper and let teams start drawing and guessing.
  • Paper Galaxy Speeders: Set out paper, scissors, glue and markers to see who can make the best paper galaxy speeder! Set a deadline and let non-participants choose the winner.

Field Rations Everyone Will Eat

Although Jedi-Master Yoda loved his Root Leaf Stew, Luke did not. The field rations Luke and Leia ate looked a lot like granola, graham crackers, pretzel sticks, nuts and candy corn. So, if your guests have more in common with Luke than Yoda, skip the Root Leaf Stew and serve these snacks instead:

  • Chewbacca Chips: Any chip that’s a crowd favorite
  • Star Wars Snack Mix: Combine pretzel sticks, nuts and mini graham crackers but leave the candy corn out
  • Solo Fuel Bars: Unwrap your favorite granola bars and serve
  • Wookie Cookies: Make or buy cookies worthy of a Chewbacca shout-out: “Arawwrarrwing!”
  • Princess Leia Buns: Bake up a pan of canned cinnamon rolls — guests will gobble them up faster than you can say “Jabba the Hut”

Use bright blue plastic trays for “field ration kits” your guests can load with their choice of food.

These Drinks, You Will Like!

Whether from distant or nearby galaxies, Jedis, humans and creatures alike enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine, soda or a freshly stirred cocktail. Try these Star Wars-inspired cocktails or use them to spark different creations with and without alcohol:

  • Blue Skywalker: An adult version of blue milk made with blue curacao
  • Princess Leia: Gin with muddled berries and “Leia-bun garnish”
  • Did it for the Wookie: A sweet, Kahlua and cream drink garnished with marshmallow and chocolate sauce
  • Yoda Soda: Rum, ginger beer and mint leaves, garnished with lime “Yoda ears”
  • Vader Aide: Vodka and berry puree blended and served in a glass rimmed with black sugar.

Do or Do Not — There Is No “Try”

Take the words of famous Jedi master, Yoda, to heart and start planning your Star Wars party today. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, introduce people and start a tradition you and your friends will look forward to every year.

May the fourth be with you!




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