string lightsBasement decorating can help you create a stunning home gym, man cave or other terrific space in your own basement. If you’re not using this area as much as you should right now, it may be because you need a little basement decorating to make this part of your home a little more exciting.

Here’s how to beautify your basement – and lend it a little style:

  1. Add Lots of Light
    Basements are far more appealing when they are bright. If your basement windows aren’t getting the job done, add lamps, strings of lights on the ceiling and big, beautiful light fixtures. Don’t just go for the pragmatic – shop around to find lighting that’s attractive and functional.
  1. Create Beautiful Walls
    The simplest and least expensive way to cover concrete walls is with fabric. You can buy bolts of cloth, hang them like curtains around the entire perimeter of the basement, and instantly transform the space. You can also paint the walls or cover them with wood, even pallets or driftwood.
  1. Cover the Floors
    Cold concrete floors don’t have to stay that way. Paint them, stencil them or cover them with tile, bamboo or other flooring for a gorgeous, polished look.
  1. Cover Pipes and Ductwork
    Ceilings can present a special challenge. You might be able to cover ductwork and other unsightly parts of your basement ceiling with panels of wood or even fabric.

If you’re in the middle of real estate acquisition or construction, you get to plan every part of your new property – even the basement. If you need real estate services, contact Triple Crown today. We’d be happy to help.




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