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A lot has changed in recent years thanks to technology. Technology has become so pervasive that it’s literally changing the way we do business, learn and communicate. Of course, it’s also changing the way we live and the expectations we have for the places we choose to call home.

Modern Apartment Amenities

As technology has evolved in recent years, many apartment communities have raced to keep up. One of the conveniences that many renters now expect their community to have is accessibility to amenities. Self-service and 24-hour accessibility to amenities such as fitness rooms are possible with electronic access control. Increasingly, rental communities are giving their residents round-the-clock access to amenities with their smartphones.

Smartphones provide even more self-service opportunities for tenants. Depending on a community’s capabilities, you may be able to use your smartphone to pay your rent, unlock doors and open your mailbox, for example.

In addition to self-service opportunities and 24-hour access to amenities, renters want their community to have even more technological amenities. Here are some of the high-tech apartment amenities that many tenants want their community to have:

  • Seamless Connectivity: People want to remain connected no matter where they are. Providing seamless Wi-Fi service isn’t enough to keep residents connected, however. A community must also provide USB ports and charging stations.
  • Audio & Screen Systems: Many prospective residents want their future home to have audio and screen systems they can use located throughout the community. If a gourmet kitchen is one of the amenities a community offers, tenants may want to have an audio and screen system to stream cooking lessons. If a yoga studio is an amenity, residents will probably expect a system to be in place that will allow them to stream yoga classes online.
  • Bluetooth Options: For many tenants, it’s no longer enough for a community to have exercise equipment in its fitness area. Instead, a fitness room must be outfitted with machines that offer users several Bluetooth and connectivity options during their workouts.
  • Dog Washing Stations: While many people don’t think of technology when it comes to washing a pet, technology has even influenced the way pet owners wash their dogs. With automated dog washing systems now available, pet lovers are beginning to expect them in their rental community.

Although many lessees want high-tech apartment amenities, they also want to rent from a company they can trust, such as Triple Crown Corporation. To learn about your apartment options and the amenities our communities provide, contact us today.




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