Understanding tenant rights can ensure a better relationship between yourself and your landlord and help you have a better experience in your home. Tenant rights vary by state, but there are a few things you need to know:

1) You Have the Right to Livable Conditions.

Conditions of rental properties should meet basic standards set by a state or locality. At minimum, rental homes should be in decent shape and should have electricity, heat and running water. If you notice serious problems with your property, such as pests or other dangers, you can bring it to the attention of your landlord. If he or she refuses to act, you may have a claim against them.

2) You Have a Right to a Home, Regardless of Your Sex, Race, Nationality, Religion and Other Factors.

Federal laws prohibit landlords from refusing housing based on nationality, religion, race, sex, marital or family status or disability. As with basic livable conditions, however, it can be difficult to enforce these laws. Landlords may not always reveal why they are refusing to rent a property to someone.

3) Leases Cannot Trump the Law.

Landlords cannot add rental agreement clauses that violate tenant rights or other rights and expect you to obey them.

4) You Have Options to Seek Help.

If you are having a dispute with a landlord, you can get help from many tenant rights organizations. It is often best to document everything in the situation carefully and keep careful track of conversations, dates, times, phone calls and anything else that seems relevant. Contact tenant rights organizations quickly if you notice a problem, before the issue has a chance to escalate.

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