Interior Decor Trends

If you want to keep your home up to date, you need to keep up with interior decorating trends. If you’re in the market to renovate or remodel your home, keep an eye on these hottest trends in interior design:

1) Industrial Chic.

Industrial copper, natural concrete and other industrial-feel materials and colors are all the rage. Renovated industrial spaces, such as lofts, are driving this trend, which is expected to continue.

You can bring industrial chic into your home without moving into a converted warehouse by investing in industrial-themed lamps and accessories made of copper piping or created from repurposed materials.

2) Natural and Sustainable Homes.

Terra-cotta tile, bamboo flooring, wood, stone and other natural materials are making a big impact when it comes to interior decorating trends.

Not only do these elements look great when you’re going for a natural motif, but they’re gentle on the environment. That means they’re safer for residents and ecologically friendly. Can’t go wrong with that.

3) Quirky Decor.

This is a trend that has been around for a few years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Quirky decor can include unusual words or messages spelled out in lights, unique or personalized artwork and striking conversation pieces

If it expresses your personal style and is original to you, add it in to your design motif as a quirky element.

4) Color.

Bright pops of color are elbowing out neutrals and pale colors. A palette with a slightly more adventurous edge is taking the decorating world by storm right now.

5) Seamless Technology Integration.

Smart homes that let you live your life more efficiently but without signs of technology everywhere are a big item this year.

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Whether that means seamlessly being able to open and close your blinds with your mobile phone or being able to turn on your lights and control all your appliances with one button, discreet technology without all the wires and panels is in.

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