office lobbiesOffice lobbies are the introductory handshake for your office or business. The first impression your lobby makes could affect your working relationships, so you don’t just want a nice lobby – you want an inspirational one. Here are a few ideas to make it happen:

  1. Let Them See You Work
    An open lobby space with modern desks and tables where employees can work gives visitors a peek into how your office is run. Not only does it make it easier for clients to find who they need, but it also creates a wonderful transparency many thought leaders appreciate. An open-concept lobby and office area is especially choice for creative companies working in collaboration and for smaller offices where there may not be adequate room for separate offices and a large lobby.
  1. Add Lots of Wood and Natural Elements
    Wood and stone – and even basic materials such as steel and brick – create a rugged and sophisticated look. These materials look especially great with metal, glass and brass furniture and fixtures.
  1. Have a Little Fun
    Let your lobby play. Create a cozy space for sitting, add a playhouse or install a giant bright clock. Feel free to add whimsy and a point of colorful focus to your lobby. It can really show your creative side and can even act as an icebreaker with visitors.
  1. Get Interactive
    Create a huge white or inspirational wall where visitors or your staff can post notes or ideas, or create a huge portfolio board that you can change up often. Asking guests to contribute to a board or wall is unique and memorable – just the sort of first impression you want to make.

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