Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decor Are you looking to uniquely decorate your home for the holidays this Thanksgiving? Learn some of the best ideas to spruce up your home for the holiday season.

Decorating Your Mantle with Pumpkins

If you have a fireplace with a mantle, you have the perfect place for some Thanksgiving decorations. Add pumpkins (real or fake) to your shelf or mantle and add small, personalized tags on them that say things such as “Happy Thanksgiving” or things that you are thankful for this year, such as “love,” “family,” or “friendship.” Feel free to add pumpkins of different sizes or colors – but make sure to incorporate the cozy, seasonal feel. Add the occasional pop of brighter colors if you want to spice it up!

Can’t get enough pumpkin decorations? If you have empty cake stands, place them on your mantle and fill them with small, stacked pumpkins. It will make your mantle look warm and festive and will fill your home with pumpkins galore.

An Outdoorsy Centerpiece

Make a rustic-chic centerpiece! Head outside into your backyard and look for materials that would make a good centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Get a small vase and line it with twigs. Then, surround it with smaller objects like acorns or pinecones and touch it off with a nice simple ribbon. Pair it with seasonal colors like browns, oranges and yellows to really achieve the holiday warmth and vibe.

Brass is Back

Brass is all the rage this Thanksgiving season! Line your table with brass candle holders, flower vases and more to create a glamorous and glowing effect in your home. We recommend adding candles and flowers that are white because it really complements the feel of the brass – but it is up to you. Incorporate these ideas into your home and have the holiday dinner that everyone raves about this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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