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Pinterest, that powerhouse of online image-sharing, has quickly proven its worth to both professional and amateur interior designers. Pinterest boards make it easy to brainstorm ideas, research new design possibilities and organize online design scrapbooks. Here’s how to use Pinterest as a design resource and inspiration when you want to give your extra bedroom a fresh new look.

Brainstorm and Organize

Grab your laptop or tablet and sit in the bedroom while you browse Pinterest, so you have the room right in front of you. That will help you visualize how different designs would look with the area’s lighting and dimensions.

Fire up Pinterest and create a few new boards for your project. You might want separate boards for paint and window treatments, furniture and décor.

Now comes the fun part. Browse Pinterest, adding any interesting design ideas to your boards. Don’t worry about practicality, expense or other limitations just yet. Right now you’re brainstorming. If it looks interesting, pin it.

Choose the Best Pins

When you’re satisfied you’ve found enough design ideas, create another board for the best designs. Repin the most intriguing or interesting design ideas on this board.

Now’s the time to consider price and practicality. That four-poster bed with silk throws may be beautiful, but too big for your bedroom. Those exquisite, limited-edition wall lights may look perfect, but may not be in your decorating budget.

While you’re narrowing your design ideas, follow the pin links to check the image sources. You may find related design ideas at the image’s home page or advice on how to create the design within your own home.

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Print and Post

You can use pinned images in the same way you use paint chips. Print out design pictures and post them in the bedroom. Let the printed pictures stay up for a week or two, and try to visualize the finished design every time you enter the room. If you have second thoughts, pull down the printed images and put up some more.

Modify, Plan and Pin

Remember, Pinterest is there to help you generate ideas and designs. Rather than copy a room design exactly, add your own little touches to create a unique environment.
Once you finish the room, take a few snapshots and post them on Pinterest. Someone else may find inspiration from your creation!




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