guest room

Hosting overnight guests comes with a lot of responsibility. You want them to feel comfortable, which means providing them with adequate privacy and giving them the ability to do certain things on their own. You also want them to have lots of fun without going broke. It’s a challenge, but one you can meet with just a little preparation. The following tips will go a long way in starting a sleepover off on the right foot:

  • Give guests a space all their own. You may not have a spare bedroom for guests, but you can still set their belongings up in a special area of your home. Have a seating area set aside, with a small table for holding their items. Ideally, this will be located near to where they’ll be sleeping.
  • Light key areas of your home. You don’t need to keep on the main lights at night, but plugging in a nightlight down the hall or in the bathroom can help your guests navigate safely in the dark.
  • Set out towels and extra blankets and pillows. If you have overnight guests, leave plenty of clean towels stacked in the bathroom for easy access. You should also show them the location of the linen closet or simply place extra pillows and blankets near their sleeping area.
  • Ask ahead about diet restrictions. We live in an age where allergies are out of control. Keep your guests safe by avoiding meals with trigger foods during their stay. If you’re at a loss for what to cook while they’re visiting, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Have plenty of things to do on-hand. Sometimes the best part of a visit is just relaxing at home with friends. Stay busy with board games, movies and other laid-back activities.

The key to satisfying overnight guests is preparing your home for their stay. Truly, this begins and ends with their needs, so be sure to talk with them about things they enjoy. Try to look at your home through new eyes and work their preferences in where possible to ensure your guests have a great time.




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