You and your friends want to enjoy a trip together, and why wouldn’t you? It’s exciting to see somewhere new or visit a familiar place with new friends or roommates. Planning any excursion can get stressful, though, and the longer the guest list gets, the trickier it can be. Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to plan a trip with friends that will help ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you’re looking for information about where to go or how to plan, we’ll help you figure out how to plan a stress-free trip with friends.

Where Can I Go on a Trip With Friends?

Deciding where to go can be one of the most difficult parts of organizing a trip with other people. You may be lucky enough to have a group of friends that all want to go to the same place, but if the choice isn’t that easy, be sure to compromise when you can.

Cities throughout the United States may be an excellent option for groups that have different needs. You can experience a variety of attractions, from visual and performing arts to history, shopping, dining and more, all in the same place. 

Everyone in your group will be happy with the array of options available in a city. Some popular destinations people consider when deciding where to go, especially in the Northeast, include New York City, Boston, or Philadelphia.

If you’re looking to get away from the city, try camping or going on a trip to a small town. Camping is a great way to get away from the bustle of the city and relax with some friends. If sleeping outdoors isn’t your thing, you could plan a trip to a small, quiet town where you can still get away from the chaos of the big city without leaving civilization behind.

How to Plan a Group Trip on a Budget

While big cities offer a lot to do, they may be pricier than other destinations. Try traveling off the beaten path or visiting smaller towns outside of cities to find more affordable options. 

Figuring out how to plan a trip with roommates or friends can be stressful, especially if you have a tight budget. While every trip is different, you might be able to save money by:

  • Taking a day trip.
  • Traveling shorter distances.
  • Bringing your own food.
  • Staying with friends or family.
  • Planning your route and stops before you go.
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Be sure everyone splits the cost of the accommodations and other travel expenses before you leave. When you’ve returned home, the last thing you’ll want to do is squabble over expenses.

How Do I Organize My Trip With Friends?

After choosing a location, you’ll have to organize your group trip. An easy way to plan a trip with friends is to break it down into steps that guide the organization process, so be sure to:

  1. Choose your travel partners carefully: You may love all your friends and roommates, but traveling could put you all under stressful conditions. Try to have a mix of travelers in your group to avoid stress. For example, if everyone in your group likes to be in control, you may not be able to coordinate as a group. Conversely, if nobody wants to lead the way, you could end up accomplishing nothing on your trip. 
  2. Coordinate schedules: Along with choosing a location, another challenging part of planning a stress-free trip with friends is organizing your schedules. Sit down together and figure out which day or days work for everyone. You’re likely to come across some conflict, so choose a time that works for as many people in the group as possible.
  3. Discuss budgets: It can be a challenging or awkward subject to bring up, but you don’t want to exclude anyone by planning a trip to an expensive destination or booking a stay at a place that’s out of someone’s price range. When you sit down to coordinate your schedules, be sure to discuss budgets, so no one feels left out of the fun.
  4. See what everyone wants to do: As you plan what you’ll do at your destination, make sure everyone has a say. Consider what everyone likes to eat and wants to see or do, while still keeping budgets in mind. 

Planning a Group Trip Checklist

You may have your own travel checklist with everything you need to pack and get done before a trip, but a group excursion has different needs. You’ll need a different checklist when planning a roommate or friend trip to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Check in with the group: As the date of your trip approaches, check in with everyone to make sure no conflicts have popped up, and everyone is ready to go.
  2. Divide responsibilities: An easy way to plan a trip with roommates is to work together. If your trip requires a drive somewhere, don’t put that responsibility on one person. See who wants to volunteer their vehicle, then decide on shifts for driving, especially if the destination is far. Anyone who isn’t driving can be responsible for other aspects of the trip, like bringing road snacks or booking accommodations.
  3. Prepare for activities: If you and your friends are traveling to see a show or enjoy another activity, prepare beforehand by purchasing tickets. You don’t want to travel all that way to find the show or event is sold out. Make someone in the group responsible for the tickets. Will everyone buy and bring their own? Or will one person buy the tickets, and everyone else pays them back? Communication is key in this case to avoid any mishaps.
  4. Plan out meals: You don’t want to be hungry in an unfamiliar place with no idea of where to eat. Research popular restaurants and make any reservations, if necessary — especially if you’re traveling with a large group. Planning meals is also helpful for groups with any dietary restrictions, so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to choose a location.
  5. Do other research: As you plan your group trip, be sure to do extra research about the area. Figure out how you’ll get around, what you’ll do, where you’ll stay or park and other necessities. Everyone in your group will be at ease as they travel since they know so much about the destination before visiting.
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