how to decorate a sunroomHow to Decorate A Sunroom

Sunroom décor can complement the sunshine and incredible view your sunroom offers, but you need to think strategically when decorating this room of the house. If you don’t use window coverings, your furnishings may need to be more sturdy to prevent fading and sun damage. You also don’t want to overcrowd the room.

Here’s how to do sunroom décor right:

  1. Choose Paler Fabrics and Use Chair and Furniture CoversCovers act as a sunscreen for your furnishings and offer a fun, relaxed vibe. White fabrics will reflect light a little bit and make the room seem even larger and brighter.
  1. Hang MirrorsLarge mirrors can reflect the light and can make your sunroom even sunnier. Large, heavy-framed mirrors can also look very dramatic and glamorous.
  1. Make the View the FocusMake sure all your couches, chairs and furnishings are turned toward the windows. You want to be able to look out at the view or just to see the world go by.
  1. Add the UnexpectedA large clock or a bright red chair can add a conversation piece and a bit of fun to your sunroom. Whether it’s a pop of color or something you wouldn’t expect to find in a house – like an antique telephone booth – adding some whimsy can make your sunroom feel special.

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