Safety, amenities, commute and neighbors are important factors in deciding where to live. Rating them will show you which one is the most important to you and help you start your apartment search.

choosing a neighborhood

Safety First

If safety is at the top of your list, you may be willing to have less square footage or fewer amenities to have the security features you need to feel safe and comfortable at home.

Websites can provide crime statistics for any area. You can also call the local police department and ask if there is anything you need to know about a complex you’re considering as well as if they have any advice or recommendations. If you’re comfortable asking a resident for their opinion, that may yield helpful information, too.

Look for apartment communities that have well-lit parking lots, walkways and stairways and keep their trees and bushes trimmed. Look for properties with extra layers of security, such as electronic gates, security guards or surveillance cameras. You might also want to check into security systems designed for apartment living which are affordable, easily installed and provide reliable safety monitoring.

Commute: The Long and Short of It

A reasonable commute to work is a high priority for everyone. How long you will have to drive or ride public transportation depends on how much you can afford to spend on rent. You can max out your rent budget and still have a long commute because an area is expensive, and cheaper neighborhoods are far away from where you work.

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Find out where co-workers rent and ask for recommendations. Find out if public transportation is an option. If you choose a complex where other co-workers live or one that’s near your friends, maybe you can carpool. It’s a way to save money, but it’s also a good way to get to know co-workers or spend time with friends.

Would You Be Amenable to These Choices?

Amenities are the features an apartment has to offer, such as flooring, countertops, closets and storage, appliances, decks and balconies to name a few. Amenities also include parks, tot lots, swimming pools, sports courts and walking trails.

Exercise equipment and classes, cooking areas to host large parties and weekly activities for residents are amenities that may be available through an on-site residents’ center or clubhouse.

Hello, Neighbor!

If being close to friends and family is your top priority, check on available units within the same complex or neighborhoods.

Evaluate each neighborhood’s ability to meet your short- and long-term needs. For example, if you were to get married and have a baby within the next five years, would you still be happy with your selection? Or, if owning a home is a goal, renting in the neighborhood you want to own a home in can show you if buying there is a good choice.

Ask yourself what patterns for shopping, exercise or going out you have already established. If they happen within the same area or neighborhood, that may be where to start looking for an apartment. At any rate, you will need to find those things wherever you live, and keeping those requirements in mind can help you choose an area where there are lots of options.

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Home Sweet Home

Evaluating your priorities is a good starting point for your apartment search. It is likely, however, that more than one choice will shape your decision. In the end, the right neighborhood is the one where you feel safe, at home and part of a community.

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