roommates split costs to save moneyWhether you’ll be living with someone else for the first time soon or you’re finding a new roommate to move into the spare bedroom, living with someone new is a big adjustment. When you live alone, you can do things your way and on your own time. You have to make some changes when you live with others.

When you live with someone else, you have to adjust your behavior and be thoughtful of your roommate. Here are three tips to being a good roommate that will help you maintain a great relationship while you’re living together.

1. Respect Their Space and Belongings

Aside from your bedroom, you and your roommate have to coexist in the same spaces. The kitchen, bathroom and living areas are all shared spaces, with both yours and your roommate’s belongings there.

If your roommate brings a lot of cookware to your apartment, be respectful and careful when using it. If you accidentally break or damage anything, be sure to offer to pay to replace or fix it. Even if you aren’t using their things, don’t move it around without asking or do anything you wouldn’t want your roommate doing to your belongings.

2. Always Ask Ahead of Time

One of the benefits of living with a roommate is that you don’t have to buy everything to furnish, decorate and fill your home with the things you use every day. But, that means you need to be careful and check ahead of time with your roommate before you use things.

You don’t need to ask every single time before using certain items, like pots and pans, but there are other things you should ask about. When you and your roommate get closer, you may start sharing other things that are more personal. Makeup, food, clothes and storage containers are the types of things that you should always ask to use beforehand unless your roommate says otherwise.

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This also goes with other things, like inviting friends over. Your roommate may have a big day the next day and not want company over, or maybe they don’t like being surprised with people coming over.

3. Be Fair With the Bills

One of the most significant benefits of living with a roommate is how much money you save on bills. You can split expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, cable and internet. It’s important to share the cost of your bills fairly, though. For example, If you love watching TV and have to have cable but your roommate never watches TV, it wouldn’t be fair to expect them to pay for the bill. Likewise, if your roommate has a bigger bedroom than you, it’s fair for them to pay a little bit more rent.

When you move in together, discuss in-depth which bills you’re sharing and how you plan to split them. You also need to discuss how you will pay for each bill. You can both pay your rent separately, but you may only be able to have one name on your utility or internet bill.

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