hosting a new years party

Hosting a New Year party can be a fun and creative way to ring in the year. Here are a few tips to making sure your New Year’s Eve party goes smoothly:

  1. Focus on Appetizers

A sit-down dinner will require you to carefully time multiple entrées and courses. With lots of different appetizers, you only have to make sure you occasionally set out new appetizers. You can also host a potluck, encouraging guests to bring their favorite dishes.

  1. Offer Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks let you keep champagne costs in check and ensure everyone has a great time. Serve a selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Champagne mixed with other beverages for cocktails as well as fruit drinks ensure everyone gets to try lots of flavors.

  1. Visit Post-Christmas Sales

Post-Christmas sales offer amazing prices on a variety of decor items. You can buy balloons, ribbons, wrapping paper and candles at significant discount costs. Silver, gold and blue will all look terrific for a New Year’s Eve party. Buy more than you think you need so you can hang lots of decorations.

  1. Make Your Home Glow

New Year’s Eve parties look best with lots of sparkle. Hang curled metallic ribbon from the ceiling, place candles everywhere and string white lights all over your home.

  1. Choose the Right Playlist

Ask your guests to play DJ by setting up a station where everyone can choose their favorite mixes and songs. Make sure to keep an eye on the time so you can help everyone count down. Be prepared to play “Auld Lang Syne” when the countdown begins.

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