There is no doubt that many people do not know how to decorate for those in-between seasons (in this case winter to spring).  It is no longer the winter holiday time, but it is still a little too early to decorate for spring.  How does one decorate for this awkward time of the year?  Don’t worry, we have a couple of ideas that may help!

A great way to decorate for the off seasons is to keep things neutral.  White is a color that is always in season and works especially great for the winter to spring transition. One way of accomplishing this look is to incorporate many white vases and frames. This tends to look great on mantles and shelves. Neutral greys and beiges also look great all year round, so if all white is not what you are going for, try those!  Instead of going heavy on color, try to just incorporate one or two colors as the accents. Accent colors look great on pillows, throws, and small décor pieces.  Blue is a great color from the winter to spring transition.  As spring approaches more, add more light blues to your color scheme and maybe even some blue-greens! Also, don’t forget to add some pretty florals closer to spring!

This approach to decorating on the off seasons creates an overall clean appearance.  You might even find that this is a decorating technique that you will want to use all year round!




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