It seems that hand lettering chalk art is taking over the design and home decor world.  If you go into a local craft store, you will probably notice many supplies to create your own chalk masterpiece! It is a cheap and easy way to create a one-of-a-kind, personal work of art that is home décor’s latest trend.

How to get started:

1.) First, you will want to purchase a chalkboard and some white chalk (you can use colored, but the trend seems to be using mostly black and white). If you do not find a chalkboard that you like, you can also get chalkboard paint and literally paint it on a wall or any other surface. Also, chalk does come in a chalk pen form, which may be easier to use if you’re not familiar with writing with chalk.

2.) Sketch what you want drawn on the chalkboard

Using sketch paper, make sure to draw what you want beforehand, maybe doing multiple sketches to see what you like most.

3.) Draw on your chalkboard

Do not worry! The beauty of chalk hand lettering is that it has flaws! It is okay if you have to erase (it can actually create a cool and authentic feel).

4.) Enjoy Your Masterpiece

Some great places to place your finished piece is in the kitchen or in an office space (it’s great to use inspirational quotes here).  What is awesome about chalk art is that it erases and you can change it whenever you please.

Check out some awesome chalk hand lettering pieces at www.lilyandval.com for some inspiration. Enjoy!

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