Save money on your groceries and know exactly where your food has come from by growing your own fruit and vegetables this year! Late spring and early summer are great times to plant seasonal and year-round produce so here are a few ideas to get your started:

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  • Beets – These grow quickly so if you’re looking for a summer treat in only a few weeks, beets are definitely one to consider!
  • Carrots – If you can get these planted before mid-July, you should have a crop ready for harvesting by the time that fall arrives. You could be adding homegrown carrots to your Thanksgiving dinner this year!
  • Corn – Like beets, corn grows quickly and is a quintessential summer staple.
  • Herbs – Freshen up your summer salads with pot-grown herbs! Basil, oregano, thyme and sage are great for beginners.
  • Peppers – These hardly take up any space and can produce high yields when planted in close proximity to each other. Another great addition to summer salads and evening meals!
  • Tomatoes – A classic that shouldn’t be missing from any garden! With so many varieties to choose from, planting tomatoes can add vibrant colors to your meals this summer.


  • Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – Nothing says “summer has arrived” more than fresh smoothies and ice cream made from your own homegrown berries! These can be grown in hanging baskets, containers or window boxes.
  • Figs – For a taste of the Mediterranean, why not give figs a try? Figs should be grown against a hot south/west facing wall and work best in containers. These will require some patience though as they don’t begin to form until fall and won’t be ready for harvesting until the following spring!




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