Are you out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? Does it seem like your mom has everything she could possibly need? Instead of merely handing her another gift card or sending her a vase of roses, you could always make her something special.

Your Mother’s Day gift should be heartfelt, and it doesn’t need to be extravagant to have meaning. Here are a few handmade ideas that will be sure to please:

  1. Start an Herb Garden a Few Weeks Before Mother’s Day

Your herb garden should be small so your mom can continue it in her kitchen, dining area or other well-lit space. You can even plant a few of her favorite herbs in one large container to make care simple. It’s a beautiful arrangement that will keep giving, and she’ll think of you every time she uses the herbs.

  1. Make Some of Her Favorite Soups or Other Dishes

Does your mom love a good chicken noodle soup? Is she a devotee of your “famous” beef barley stew brimming with secret seasonings? Spend a day in the kitchen and whip up some tasty delights.

Your mom can freeze any leftovers. She’ll be able to have a taste throughout the coming months, and she will remember your kindness when she indulges.

  1. Create a Pretty Spring/Summer Wreath for Her Door

Even if you aren’t the most gifted when it comes to creating things from scratch, you can follow directions for door wreaths. Conduct a search in Google, and see what pops up.

Find the ideal wreath for your mother’s tastes, and learn how you can make it at home. You might be surprised at how simple many wreaths are — and how amazing they look!

Have a blast making something for mom this year, and get off the “I’ll just call her” train.

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