On May 5th, the western world will come alive during the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. This annual festival may have central American roots, but it’s a celebration we can all engage in.

While most people think of nachos, tacos and margaritas when planning their Cinco de Mayo festivities, those certainly aren’t the only dishes to consider. If you’re having a party of many, or a party of one, why not try a new recipe this Cinco de Mayo?

  1. Rev up Your Quesadillas

The humble quesadilla is actually easy to alter from its standard tortilla, cheese and meat variety. You can easily include roasted veggies, seafood, exotic cheeses or even fruits!

Consider it a challenge to come up with the most delectable, unusual quesadillas on the planet.

  1. Choose Fruity Salsas

Most people consider salsas to be tomato based, but they don’t have to be relegated to tomatoes, cilantro, onions and peppers. Mangos and peaches make great additions to homemade salsa.

Not sure you want to make some yourself? Check out the wide range of salsas at the grocery store. You might be surprised at what you find. Fruity salsas contain a zesty, sweet tanginess you might just fall in love with.

  1. Make Your Celebration Go All Day

Why focus only on dinner for your Cinco de Mayo? From morning until night, you can have a bit of a Mexican flavor on your plate.

Start with an omelet that includes lots of Latin American seasonings and peppers. For lunch, have a homemade burrito bursting with guacamole and diced veggies. Then, eat up at dinner with other faves. Don’t forget to make yourself a special treat for dessert, such as honey-soaked churros.

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