As we feel the temperature drop, our summer outdoor activities are starting to migrate indoors. If you are having a hard time accepting summer is over, here are some practical tips that make it perfectly acceptable to continue to host activities outside during the fall. Despite the colder weather, friends and family will be thrilled about a gorgeous patio afternoon if we are prepared to draw them out there.
Fall Patio Ideas
Patio Lighting– Even on warmer fall days, days remain shorter. Once it gets dark, there aren’t many reasons to remain outside. Keeping a well-lit patio can make a big difference in terms of creating an inviting environment. Path lights and string lights are an inexpensive alternative and they will buy you a few extra hours outside.

Fire Pit– Because who doesn’t want an evening with hot chocolate, s’mores and family stories around a fire pit?

Clay Chiminea– This is a wonderful alternative to propane or electric outdoor heaters. A clay chiminea does not only serves a décor piece to your patio, but most importantly it will keep you warm.

Pillows and Throws– Having pillows and throws available on your patio furniture can help create a cozy outdoor environment, as well as provide your guests with some extra layers.




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