Gardening season is not gone with the summer! You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that September is a great month to start focusing on your fall garden. You will want to start planting your seeds when it’s still 80 degrees or so for them to grow before we hit freezing temperatures! As the weather cools down, you will harvest the best-tasting leafy greens, all sorts of root vegetables and even some fruits!

Fall Crops


Kale – Kale will take a couple of months to fully mature, but the cooler temperatures will only bring out a unique sweeter flavor that you could not expect from a spring or summer harvest.

Arugula – You can find yourself growing Arugula during almost any month of the year! If you pick this as one of your fall veggies just make sure you reserve them a spot under the sunlight!

Carrots – Carrots are a fall favorite! You can even enjoy a sweeter carrot after a couple of frosts.

Mustard Greens – This fast growing leafy green grows sweeter during colder months. It is recommended to plant about 5 weeks before the first frost.

Broccoli – For the best harvest, plant indoors and move them outside in September.


Blackberries – Unlike common belief, fall is the best season to grow blackberries! Not only you can plant them in the fall, the will grow better if planted after the first frost.




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