Defining your home decorating style can be confusing. When out shopping, you might enjoy a variety of pieces in varying colors, patterns, and styles, but it’s important to avoid a hodgepodge of furniture in your home. To make your overall look cohesive and to inform future purchases, take stock of what you like and dislike, honing in on your unique home decorating style.

Focus on Your Feelings

Furniture and fabrics can make you feel something. Look around at your existing décor. Does the white wrought-iron bedframe you inherited from your great-grandmother make you smile? Do the dated drapes in your dining room make you wish you and your husband could finally agree on a color scheme?

When assessing your home decorating style, consider replacing items that don’t make you feel good. Also take note of items that do make you feel good. Do they share a common theme? Your home decorating style might be an eclectic blend of antiques or lean toward more modern décor, depending on what pieces make you happiest.

Think About Your Favorite Places

Is your favorite vacation spot a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado or a bright, breezy beach house at the Jersey Shore? Where you like to travel says a lot about your home decorating style. You can incorporate items that remind you of your favorite places and spaces, whether they’re more rustic or nautical.

No matter what home decorating style you settle on, stay true to what feels most like you. And don’t forget to routinely reevaluate your style, as it can change over the years!




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