Easter BasketAh, Easter! It’s a great beginning to the spring season. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try some fun, tasty side dishes. This year, impress yourself and those around you by offering to make awesome Easter side dishes that aren’t the same-old, same-old.

  1. Play With Those Potatoes

Tired of having mashed potatoes that are regular and kind of dull? Spruce them up by making smashed potatoes created from purple potato varieties.

Simply boil the purple potatoes until tender, drain them and then smash them in a bowl with a little butter, dash of salt and milk to moisten the mixture. Keep the skins on for the fiber and nutrient boost.

  1. Grill the Asparagus

Fire up the grill as a start to warmer weather, and buy the best stalks of asparagus you can find. Baste them with a little bit of olive oil, and grill them to perfection.

When finished, top them with a squeeze of lemon juice and a bit of thyme. Want to add a dash of extra flavor? Infuse the oil you use with garlic.

  1. Whip up a Unique Salad

If your side Easter salad has become dull, it’s time to think creatively. Easter salads should be fun and delicious. Opt for baby greens and arugula, as well as herbs.

You could also toss in more exotic fruits such as kiwi and starfruit. Add a dash of a flavorful cheese, like freshly grated Romano. Then, top it all off with a homemade honey-pomegranate dressing created with an aged balsamic base.

Take a little time and change up your Easter with great side dishes that will leave you craving more.

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