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If an in-ground pool is not an option and the appearance of a plastic kiddie pool puts you off but you want to give your children a fun place to splash around in this summer, why not make your own? A large galvanized tub could be just what you’re looking for in creating an aesthetically pleasing spot to cool off and play! They’re difficult to break so your initial investment is more likely to last for most of your children’s early years and could even be used for outdoor storage during the winter months.

But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting to keep your children entertained for hours this summer, take a look at how you could create an outdoor, leak-proof water bed!

Outdoor Water Bed

What You’ll Need:
– Painter plastic sheet in whatever size you want to make your water bed
– Ironing board and iron
– Parchment paper
– Duct tape

1. Roll out your plastic and fold it in half, then fold your parchment paper in half and put the edge of your plastic sheet up to the crease of the parchment paper.
2. With half of the parchment folded over the top of the plastic, iron along the top to melt the edges of the plastic together. Be sure to let the plastic cool before pressing firmly so as not to stretch the plastic.
3. Continue this process until all of the edges of the plastic are sealed.
4. Cut a small slit in the corner of the plastic, insert a garden hose and tilt downwards so that water doesn’t spill out.
5. Fill until the plastic is full and see the hole with duct tape, or repeat the parchment and iron process.
6. Spray some water on top and watch your kids play on your new outdoor water bed!





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