What better way is there to celebrate the holidays than making your own Christmas decorations! If this is your first year in your home, a key ornament will be a wonderful reminder in years to come of the time you spent in your new house or apartment. Or if you are looking for a simple wreath to hang from your front door to welcome in your festive guests, just follow our instructions for easy, handmade decorations that you will enjoy this Christmas!


Making Your Key Ornament

  1. Buy a pack of sculpting clay from any craft store and roll it out into a circle, or any shape you would like! Just make sure that it’s big enough to fit the length and width of your key.
  2. Press your key firmly into the clay to leave an impression and don’t forget to make a hole in the top to hang your string or ribbon through!
  3. Bake according to the clay instructions and once cool, you can paint the date, address or whatever you would like onto it and then hang it from your tree!

How To Make A Door Wreath
There are so many varieties of festive wreath that you could make but this simple ribbon wreath is inexpensive and will look great on your door this Christmas!

  1. You will need wired ribbon in two designs or colors and a metal ring for the wreath.
  2. Tie as many bows as you like and then feed them onto the metal ring in alternating colors before hanging with some extra ribbon or string from a hook on your door!
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It really is that easy to make beautiful, unique and meaningful decorations for your home this Christmas!

Photo credit (Ornament): In The Little Yellow House
Photo credit (Wreath): Shelterness




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