decorated roomWhen you own your home, you can adapt it however you want. Whether that means painting, hanging up decorations or even remodeling, your changes are entirely up to you. However, when you rent, you sometimes have more restrictions on how you can personalize your home. Some communities do not allow residents to paint or make holes in the walls. Even with these restrictions, there are many ways for you to decorate your rental home without painting or damaging the walls.

How to Hang Decorations Without Damaging Walls

There are many alternative ways to decorate without making holes or using nails. These methods, when done correctly, will make it seem like you never had anything hanging on the walls at all. Here’s how to hang decorations without damaging walls:

  • Adhesive hooks and strips: There are different brands that can hang objects of different weights. Command is probably the brand that you’ve heard of, but there are several others like it. The various options of the products let you pick the perfect one for the object that you are hanging. These can be used to hang full-length mirrors, picture frames and other wall decor objects. These products are great because you can hang objects as light as a half pound or as heavy as eight pounds. Even if you have a large painting that you don’t want to leave behind, you can still hang it using these products!
  • Painters tape: If you’re hanging something very light, a damage-free tape is perfect! Painters tape was made specifically so it doesn’t damage paint when it’s pulled off. There are other types of decorative tapes that were made with the same purpose in mind. These tapes are a fun and easy way to hang photos if you don’t want to use a frame.

Decorating Ideas

There are so many ways for you to still be creative with your decorating without painting or doing damage to the walls in your apartment. Here are a few decorating ideas that may be a great addition to your apartment:

  • Tapestries or curtains: When you can’t paint, a wall tapestry or curtain is a great alternative. Both will add a pop of color and pattern to your living space. There are unlimited choices of fun and beautiful tapestries and curtains to personalize your space. Use a double-sided adhesive to hang it.
  • Temporary wallpaper: Double-check with your leasing manager before pursuing this option to double-check that it aligns with your lease. Temporary wallpaper is fairly simple to hang and when removed, does not damage your wall. You can find all kinds of different colors and patterns to find the perfect one to match your tastes. It would make a great accent wall in any room in your home.
  • Decals: Many stores carry wall decals that can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue behind. Decals are great to surround other wall art with, like framed photos. If you have kids, you can probably find wall decals in their favorite color or of their favorite characters.

Decorate Damage-Free In Your Triple Crown Corporation Home

Triple Crown Corporation is here to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about our decorating policies, contact us today. You can also browse our rental communities online.




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