Work from Home SetupIf you want an at-home office, you don’t need a spare bedroom. There are lots of ways to create an apartment office without having a huge space.

A small space is really all you need — there are many places where you can set up shop:

1) At the Foot of Your Bed.

The foot of your bed can be a great place to create a home office. It helps you make the most out of your bedroom while offering you a semiprivate place to work.

2) In the Kitchen.

The kitchen is already the heart of your home, and what can be cozier than working while waiting for a loaf of bread or a pie to bake?

3) In a Nook.

Any nook in a hallway or in between rooms can be a great place to set up a small desk. All you need is a good light, a good chair and a desk space.

4) In Front of a Window.

Windows offer excellent light and allow you to enjoy the view while you work. If you have a large window in your bedroom or living room, you may be able to move around furniture to accommodate a workspace.

5) Behind the Couch.

The area behind your living room sofa may not be used fully. Installing a desk there allows you to work in a central location while still enjoying your beautiful living room.

6) Completely Hidden Away.

If you have a very small space, a mobile work station may be right for you. You can create a portable workstation by using a foldout desk in an armoire, allowing you to pack away all of your work supplies when you’re done for the day. You can also use a folding desk to work on your couch, favorite chair or even in bed. When you’re not working, your home transforms back into a living space.

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