Looking to stay ahead of the trends? Here are all the home decorating trends that are in for the season!



This year, color is in more than ever. So maybe the question isn’t which color is in—but how many! The more the merrier! But to create a cohesive look, it’s best to choose colors in the same hue. For example, if your colors have brown undertones like this bedding—its best to add colors with other brown tones. The green, blue, and clay color on the bedding are all in the same hue.

Or for a brighter look—keep the colors super saturated. This room for example has bright blue and green that is repeated on the walls, pillows, and rug! Keeping your colors bright will create a fun look. But do not forget to add bright colors with some neutrals, like this tan couch. Without neutrals, your house can become overwhelming and distracting. So, keep the true colors bright and mix with neutrals!



Chevron is huge this season! For those of you who don’t know, it’s that zig-zag pattern you have been seeing everywhere. Chevron is great for throw pillows and bedding. You can see it here as a backsplash. Chevron is perfect for spring because it is often done in dramatic colors and white. There are so many applications for this pattern.
Here are some ways to add chevron to your home!

  • Toss pillows
  • Bedding
  • Accent Wall
  • Paint furniture
  • Towels
  • Shower curtain
  • Curtain

Chevron is trending and stylish. You are sure to impress no matter how you incorporate chevron!

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Polka Dots

polka dots

Believe it or not but polka dots are coming back! It seems that the spring trends are all about being bold and fun. Children’s rooms with white polka dots are almost dreamy. Soft colors like pink and blue are perfect backdrops for white polka dots.

One of the best ways to make a statement is to put polka dots up on the wall. But if you’re looking to paint an entry way, living room, dining room, or kitchen they bright colors may be too much. Tone on tone or tan and white polka dots are still fun without being too overpowering or childlike.

Polka dots are also great for smaller accents! Your lamp shade may just need a few polka dots to make your space a little more fun!


sheer curtains

Another trend is sheer curtains! Sheers always add airiness to your home. Adding shades behind sheers helps keep the airy look without sacrificing privacy. Another alternative is to add sheers behind your existing curtains and draw the heavier curtains when you want privacy.




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