Have you ever felt like your home was in no shape or form ready to have guests over? Whether you have children, roommates, a hectic work schedule or all of the above, here are some easy habits to work on to keep your home clean and presentable at all times.


Make your bed

Right after getting out of bed and before starting your morning routine, make your bed!  It does not need to be perfect for it to make a huge difference. Just pull up the sheets and your comforter and fluff your pillows, and you will see how 2 minutes can change the look of your room!


Wipe down the kitchen counter

Most of the house clutter often come comes from our kitchens. Wiping down the kitchen countertops will allow you to put things in place and prevent smells from spreading to the rest of your home.


Clean as you go

You can change the look of your house by cleaning as you go! When you are cooking dinner, place used dishes in the sink or dishwasher as dinner is baking. This way you will not look into your kitchen after dinner, feel overwhelmed and leave it for tomorrow.


Implement the 1 minute rule

One of the most helpful tips from organized people is the one minute rule. If a task will take you a minute or less, do it now! If you see an over flowing trashcan, and you can tie the bag and take it out do not wait for a better occasion, just do it! If taking misplaced cups from the living room to the kitchen can take you less than a minute just do it when you stop them!


5 minute clean up before bed

Before heading to bed, do a five minute walk-through to organize and straighten up misplaced toys, plates, or furniture in order to eliminate clutter. You will be energized by waking up to a clean house!




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