No matter what time of year, remodeling and making changes to your home can be both exciting and stressful.  We worry about things like price and inconveniences to our schedule, but one of the best kept secrets in home improvement is winter remodeling.

The spring and summer months are the busiest times of the year for remodeling. Because there are fewer people looking to upgrade their homes, contractors may find themselves with a shortage of work.  With a decrease in available work the opportunity to negotiate with your contractor increases and you are likely to get your work done at a discounted price.

Another awesome perk that may come along with the drop in demand for a contractor’s services is flexibility. With less on their plates you and more of their workforce free, there is a good chance your remodel may be able to be finished at your convenience and possibly more quickly.

Finally, winter can be considered the very best time to do outside work on your home. If weather permits working on outside remodeling on your home during these months allows a refinished patio or deck to be good to go by the time the warmer weather hits. Who wants to have dust, debris, and materials crowding their deck when you want to grill out and entertain guests?




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