If you are looking for your first apartment, this may be the first time you will be living on your own and are responsible for shopping, cleaning and paying bills. Renting your first apartment is a big step in establishing your independence if you are moving out of a college dorm or your parent’s home.

apartment living

The Space to Adjust to New Responsibilities

It takes time to create the routines that will support your work, home and personal life. If you haven’t had to think about paying for groceries, utilities, a car loan or student loans, learning how to take care of them will be enough to manage when you’re just starting out. Apartment living gives you the freedom to begin your new life.

Maintenance and Services

The apartment maintenance staff takes care of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks. If you have a broken appliance, need your water heater turned up or down or have a clogged drain, all you need to do is call for repairs.

Maintenance takes care of lawn mowing, snow plowing and shoveling jobs, too, so there’s free time for you to enjoy the community amenities, hang out with friends or get to know your new neighbors. If you miss having a yard, try potting flowers in planters to give your deck or balcony a backyard feeling.

Apartment complexes usually provide garbage and recycling services to its residents as well, and they may offer a contract for bundled cable and Internet services for the term of your lease by working with the local provider. Many also pay for water. The only utility you may be responsible for is your heating and cooling bill.

Room to Focus on What Matters to You

There are apartment communities that offer concierge services like dog walking while you’re at work, or if you travel frequently, they can collect your mail, check on your cat or water your plants. The fees are usually reasonable and can save you time running back and forth from work during the day as well as the strain on personal relationships if you often ask friends and family for help.

Many apartment communities also offer opportunities for residents to go on outings to wineries, breweries and restaurants, attend Halloween or Valentine’s Day parties, eat a Thanksgiving meal together or enjoy game nights. These social activities are great ways for community residents to meet their neighbors and develop new friendships.

Empty nesters often find the benefits of apartment living a welcome relief after years of caring for a home, and they might enjoy the break while considering their next move. For many, the experience helps them decide if they want to return to the responsibilities of homeownership or not.

The staff at a well-run apartment community is there to take care of things so you don’t have to, a benefit that anyone can appreciate.

Triple Crown Corporation’s employees work hard to keep things running smoothly for our residents. We can help you find the right apartment with the services you need. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!




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