(Lower Paxton Twp., Harrisburg, PA – 12/16/09) Triple Crown Corporation surveys the Harrisburg area Residential Realtors on an annual basis. The information gathered from the returned surveys is used to gain insight – how they rate TCC and what motivates them to sell a TCC home vs. the competition. The results from our 2009 Residential Realtor Survey are in and here is a brief summary of our results …

  • The best features of our home communities are “location” and “floor plans”
  • TCC was listed as the #1 builder in Harrisburg
  • The question “I am familiar with TCC’s name in the Harrisburg home building market” rated a favorable 97%
  • 87% rated a favorable selling experience with TCC.
  • 83% almost always/sometimes include a TCC home in their tour with prospects.
  • The top features buyers are looking for in today’s market were listed as: open floor plans, hardwood/upgraded flooring, location, fair pricing and large kitchens.
  • Realtors requested brochures on current home communities, educational seminars on home building and on selling homes. Dave Shuey is working on a presentation with his sales team that will take place in the first quarter of 2010.
  • 75% of our respondents sold at least 1-3 TCC homes.



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