Too many people think that moving to an apartment is super-easy. After all, it couldn’t possibly be as difficult as moving to a house, could it? Actually, it can be! In fact, it can be a little trickier in some ways. (10)
To help you successfully get all your belongings safely into your next hacienda, try these apartment moving hacks:

  1.  Use elevators whenever possible. Sure, you want to get lots of exercise on moving day, but that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself on the stairs.
  2. Use freshly laundered dish towels and linens instead of rough, dirty newspapers to support fragile items like glasses and plates. That way you won’t have to clean everything.
  3. Make a map of your apartment on paper, including the measurements. Then, measure your furniture to be sure it fits. If it doesn’t, you’ll know before you get into the apartment — and you won’t move furniture you’ll just have to get rid of anyway.
  4. Use packing as a chance to throw away, give away or sell items you no longer want. You may even want to hold an indoor “yard sale” to get rid of major items if you’re totally redoing your apartment.
  5. Consider hiring professional movers if possible. That way, if anything is damaged during the move, you’ll be protected. On the other hand, it’s fine to get friends to help out — if you can find ones with strong backs and great attitudes!
  6. Learn how to take apart your furniture, like kitchen tables. Many people don’t realize that even solid wood furniture can sometimes be taken apart to make storage and transport easier.
  7. Wait to clean your old apartment until after you leave. It’s so much easier than cleaning it before moving day.
  8. Color-code all your boxes. Then, be sure everyone knows which color represents which room. (e.g. red is the dining room, yellow is the bedroom)
  9. Use smaller boxes to pack your books. They weigh more than you think! If you only have larger boxes, pack the bottoms with books and the upper two-thirds or three-quarters with lighter objects.
  10. Keep your clothes on their hangers. Zip-tie the hanger tops, cover them in a garment bag or plastic bag and move them to your new closet as-is.

The goal for your move should be simplicity and stress reduction. Be sure to take breathers throughout the day and remind yourself that, before long, you’ll be able to relax with your own things in your new place.




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