Living in a rental still affords you optimal opportunity to create beautiful gardens. If you want to think beyond a potted cactus or African violet, here are a few apartment gardening ideas to try out:

  1. A Potager
    A potager is a pot with multiple types of plants. Think of it as a mini-garden in one pot. To plant a potager, simply purchase a terra cotta pot with multiple planting holes. Look for a large container if you want a dramatic look or a smaller pot for a more portable miniature garden. Plant small annuals or herbs in each hole and watch your garden come to life.apartment gardening
  1. Portable Living Walls
    If space is a problem, think vertically. You can create a privacy wall on your patio or balcony and plant on each level, or simply drill living wall pouches to your side of the wall and fill them with flowering plants.
  1. Trees
    You don’t have to give up on the idea of trees if you live in an apartment. Just buy a larger pot and a slower-growing dwarf tree that does well in pots. Citrus trees, for example, are a great choice. You can use two such plants at entrances to create a dramatic look.
  1. Hanging Pots
    If you have a large window or a patio, simply hang a potted plant in the sunniest spot. This can be a great way to grow trailing vines, which will look quite dramatic, or even strawberries.

There are more apartment gardening ideas out there than you think. Next time you pass a gardening store, pop in to see what options exist for indoor gardening. If you need property management services, contact Triple Crown, your real estate services leader.




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