picture window upgrades

Picture windows can look dramatic and stylish. Popular in the first half of the 20th century, these windows usually are one large pane of glass. They do not open, but they let you look outside and see a large portion of your property.

Although the picture window is from an earlier time, there are several ways you can refresh yours for a whole new look:

  1. Add Windows
    Consider adding a panel of windows above your picture window to frame it. The added windows will give the entire area a more dramatic look and will expand your view. If you install windows that open, you can even enjoy some fresh air. You can also transform your picture window into a bay window with a little added renovation, giving your home a whole new look.
  1. Create a Seating Space
    If you rent or cannot renovate for some other reason, create a seating area under your picture window by pushing a low bench or couch under the window. You’ll be able to curl up and read on warm days or sit up to watch the stars at night. Be sure to add plenty of pillows to create a cozy space.
  1. Decorate
    One of the simplest ways to upgrade your window is with new décor. Hang a plant in front of the window to take advantage of all the light, or install an art piece to catch the eye. Add a decorative curtain rod and beautiful curtains that extend past the edges of the window and create a dramatic, sweeping look. Blinds can also look very modern and stylish on a picture window, especially if you opt for contrasting colors.

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