Adding shade to a patio doesn’t have to mean waiting for a cloudy day or hanging up a patio umbrella that takes up a lot of room. These five creative ideas can transform your entire space with both shade and beauty:

  1. Add a Retractable Awning
    Sleeker than an umbrella and far less cumbersome, retractable awnings can look stylish and modern. Choose solid colors or stripes for a casual, beachy look.
  1. A Fabric Escape
    Choose from a tee-pee tent, a classic pool cabana or a fabric-draped pergola. In any case, a structure covered in fabric keeps you cool all summer long and looks terrific.
  1. Drape Soft, Sheer Fabrics
    Create a unique and Zen-like feel with a canopy of sheer fabrics that block the sun and add a splash of color. For a complete look, add lots of fabric throws and pillows to create a cozy space to relax.
  1. Flowers
    Build a tall privacy wall and dot it with flowers to give you a little shade, or hang up a canopy of rope and hang potted plants from it. They can offer color, fragrance and some shade.patio umbrella
  1. Tiki Umbrella
    An umbrella topped with grass isn’t usually retractable, but with a look this good, you might not want to put it away in any weather. Tiki umbrellas look great with almost any patio furniture and are a perfect place to relax with drinks. If you’ve always wanted to live on the beach or want to feel like you’re on vacation at home, this is the option for you.

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