Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Natural Color Scheme

Kitchen remodeling continues to be one of the few home improvement areas where homeowners can recoup expenses when they sell. At the same time, new kitchen design is an area where people have very firm ideas. These two factors don’t always mesh as well as they should, as your vision of the perfect kitchen may not match future homebuyers’.

Following hot kitchen trends too closely can be dangerous. What’s hot right now may not be in style when you’re ready to sell. Fortunately, many of today’s kitchen design trends should stand the test of time.

Neutrality and Nature

Picking a neutral color scheme for a kitchen means not having to repaint or remodel in a few years when popular colors change. Right now whites, off-whites and natural wood stains predominate. Gray shades with black accents are also popular, and they give your kitchen a classy, formal feel.

Neutral doesn’t mean boring, however. Modern kitchen design uses natural, country-inspired highlights and finishes to add interest to the simple design.

Open Floor Plans

The modern kitchen isn’t isolated from the rest of the house. Many homeowners are merging their kitchen with surrounding rooms, so movement between kitchen, dining room and living room is unimpeded. The result is a single space with open walls and extra seating.


The traditional kitchen work triangle — easy access between the oven, sink and refrigerator — is dead. With today’s highly specialized cooking tops, induction ovens, steamers and coffee makers, the emphasis has shifted to workstations. Your kitchen may have multiple workstations for cooking and food preparation.

Concealed Appliances

Today’s appliances are designed to blend seamlessly into their environment. Concealed fridges, built-in ovens and frameless cooking tops help present the kitchen as a unified whole. Smart induction cooking tops in which you can cook on any surface are popular for their seamless look, not to mention they increase your available cooking space.

High Quality Cabinets

Okay, I may be cheating here, because this is less a design trend and more common sense advice. Buy the best quality cabinets you can. Your appliances are marvels of chrome, metal and glass, and as such have service lives of 15 to 20 years. Ideally, you want your cabinets to last as long as your appliances.

If you have to choose on splurging on cabinets and spending extra on appliances, go for the cabinets. Appliances are easier to remodel in the future and appliance quality doesn’t vary with price as much as cabinet quality.




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