The arrival of summer means that your kids are home and eager for something to do. As, a parent it is difficult and sometimes costly to provide entertaining summertime activities for your kids. Here are a few suggestions of fun summer activities to do with your kids.
Summertime Fun

1) Have a picnic- Pack your picnic basket and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your kids! Having a picnic is an affordable and yummy way to enjoy the summer with your family.

2) Have a water balloon fight- An epic water balloon fight might just be the trick to getting your kids off of the sofa! You and your kids can enjoy the outdoor air this summer while playing this fun game.

3) Go on a Hike- What is better than getting exercise in the beautiful outdoors? Enjoy a nice nature hike with your kids, and you will all benefit from the exercise involved in this activity.

4) Make art out of Popsicle sticks- The summertime provides a lot of Popsicle sticks, so why not make use of them. Whether it be birdhouses or other art projects, your kids are sure to enjoy using their creativity to create a fun summertime art project.

5) Pick Berries – Who doesn’t love fresh fruit in the summertime? Go to a local berry farm and pick berries to enjoy all summer long. Picking berries is a fun and inexpensive activity for your kids to enjoy!




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