Crafty Fall Decorating Idea-Pumpkin Planter

When the kids go back to school, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home for fall. Gone are the days of putting a pumpkin and some mums on your porch and calling it a day — instead, why not embrace everything the season has to offer with these fun and easy decorating tips for autumn?

Getting Back to Nature

Although mums may be the signature flower of fall, don’t overlook the lovely and tough winter hardy pansy for your fall container garden.  Not only do pansies last longer than mums — often several weeks into December — they come in just as many beautiful colors as their famous counterparts. Blend them with a small cabbage plant for an interesting and colorful twist.

Can’t bear to manage fall without your favorite fall flower but want something different? Try scooping out a decorative squash or pumpkin, and use it as a planter for your hardy mums. If your mums are planted, don’t forget to pop the flower buds off when they first appear in August — that will encourage later blooming.

Halloween (Minus the Ghouls)

Simple white lights and long bare branches are a match made in fall decorating heaven. Perfect for both your indoor mantle as well as your porch or balcony, simply place several long tree branches in a container of your choosing and wrap each with a strand of plain white lights. Adding small gourds or pumpkins and real or faux beeswax candles near the base spells fall in simple, good taste.

For the front door, try a wreath made from twigs. Keep it plain for a minimalist touch or add ribbons, flowers or orange berries for more finished look. Berry wreaths are also beautiful — but as with any wreath, make sure it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use before you hang it on your door.

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For the Tabletop

Ornamental grasses are an incredibly beautiful way to enhance your tabletop in a classically beautiful, modern and unusual way. Visit your local home goods store for dry grasses, choose a ribbon and cut them to your desired length. Longer tables can easily accommodate three or more bunches; simply stand them on your table on top of a protective runner, and enjoy them throughout the season. For the best results, use an odd number — you can also add a leaf garland, candles and small gourds for a stronger effect. Just remember to exercise caution, and never leave lit candles unattended.




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